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Kansas City concrete grinder

Kansas City concrete grinder

At KC Coring & Cutting, we specialize in providing precision concrete grinding, cutting, and drilling services. Our experts handle every fine concrete grinding project with outstanding dedication and professionalism. Our ability to provide prompt and excellent concrete grinding services make us the preferred Kansas City concrete grinder for clients across the metropolitan area. We have the required tools, human resources, and years of experience to offer you the very best concrete grinding services.

What Tools Do You Use to Grind and Polish Concrete?

Aside from ensuring that the concrete is ready for grinding and polishing, the next most important thing to achieving a well grinded and polished floor is working with the right tools. There are a number of tools you need asides from a top-quality Kansas City concrete grinder. The essential tools required to get the job done are:

  • Grinders and polishers
  • Diamond tooling and accessories
  • Industrial floor vacuum
  • Hardening and compacting agents
  • Coloring agents, dyes and stains to enhance the floor.

How Long Should Concrete Cure before Grinding?

There are a number of factors that determine how long concrete should cure before you can start grinding and polishing. The most important factor is the hardness of the concrete, but even that is influenced by other factors like the concrete mix and local weather conditions. In most instances, a concrete floor takes between 14 to 28 days to become structurally hard enough for grinding. To be on the safe side, you should wait for concrete to cure for 28 days before grinding.

Can You Polish an Existing Concrete Slab?

As stated earlier, any concrete that is structurally hard can be grinded and polished. This applies to an existing concrete slab as well. There are some concrete slabs, however, that may not be in the best state for polishing. Some issues as dirt, grease, coatings, or blemishes can affect the suitability of the floor for polishing. In such instances, some surface preparation may be needed to get the floor ready for polishing. Concrete floors that are too wavy, need extensive patching, or are too porous are poor candidates for polishing. It will take the intervention of experts to get such floors ready for polishing.

Do I Need to Keep the Concrete Wet After Pouring When Polishing Is Part of The Plan?

The concrete needs to cure properly when grinding and polishing are part of the slab’s end design. If it dries too fast, the overall strength and structure may be compromised. Wet curing may be necessary as a form of moisture management. This means the concrete should be kept wet after pouring. You can achieve this through different means including surface wetting, curing blankets, and the use of liquid curing compounds.

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Contact us today at KC Coring & Cutting. We offer excellent and professional fine concrete grinding services. Whether you are handling a minor or major grinding project, we are the ideal Kansas City concrete grinder to fulfill your needs. With us, you are guaranteed to get outstanding services.

Kansas City concrete grinder

KC Coring & Cutting

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