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Jib Crane

Jib Crane

Jib cranes are a simple piece of equipment that can supplement an overhead crane and offer the exact kind of extra support you need to cover a larger circular area. They do not work the same way, and it is essential to consider the various dimensions, mounting styles, and purpose of finding one that will suit your application and facility.

The first and most important consideration is the purpose of the crane because specific systems will not do well with general-purpose crane jibs suitable for general workstations. Today, we will only look at the three general types of cranes and their functions, so you have a general idea of which one will match your purpose best.

Most Common Types Of Jib Cranes

Floor Mounted

Several types of jib cranes for sale can be mounted on the floor, and each one will have a slightly different specification to serve a different purpose. They provide circular coverage for indoor and outdoor applications and will be convenient when you want to cover a large surface area, such as when laying down the foundation. Most of these will carry up to 200 tonnes of material and serve perfectly in crowded facilities that need a way of maximizing the space and maintaining economic operations.

Freestanding Systems

Freestanding systems have a higher capacity and will carry more weight for longer. Generally, a freestanding system will have 360-degree functionality, which you can use for vertical or horizontal functions.


This versatile handling system moves loads around corners and has a unique design to provide maximum coverage around limited spaces. You can consider many different installation styles and fits to get a custom lift and range of motion for your application.

Tips For Buying The Best Jib Cranes

Choose An Installation Style

Choose one that will suit your specific application by considering the space available for installation and operations. You must install a jib crane that can move the total weight of your load and reach as far as you need it to go with little or no adjustment.


The crane's height should fit the building where you will install it or be able to go as high up as you need to reach a floor surface. Projects constructed upward should consider the distance of the hoist before buying.

Power Source

Jib cranes can rotate manually or use an electric power source. Generally, electric ones are better for an easier time at work, while manual ones will move at a slower pace and need more human resources and safety measures to lift heavy loads.

Building Column

How substantial is your building column? You do not want to install a jib crane against a weak building column because it will likely risk the being of your entire construction. The light column prompts you to buy a different type of crane, which could also be a freestanding crane that operates vertically.

Do you now have an idea of which job crane fits your application? Check our site for more information and contact our workstation crane supplier at tel:877.262.1500 for specific consultation details on freestanding jib cranes and other industrial jib cranes.

Jib Crane

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