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Some of the popular brands we work with include but are not limited to the following 

When you replace an older air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or any HVAC related equipment the quality of the installation is just as important as the equipment. When HVAC contractors cut corners, it not only damages your new equipment but increases operating expenses and even introduces safety risks. Stat Heat & Air has built our reputation on high-quality installations. We show our work, educate our customers, and back up every installation with a lifetime comfort guarantee.

Air Conditioner Installation

Is your AC system acting up? Is the system more than 10 years old? It may be time to replace your old AC with a more energy-efficient upgrade. When you replace your old unit you can increase the comfort in your home, reduce energy bills, and avoid continual costly repairs.

New AC System Benefits

  • More targeted indoor temperature control
  • Better air purification abilities to minimize allergens
  • Smart thermostats that allow you to control temps from your mobile device
  • Smoother, and quieter operation
  • Better humidity control capabilities
  • Tax credits for energy-efficient systems

Furnace & Heat Pump Installation

If you’re looking for a new furnace you can choose from natural gas, propane, or electric. Natural gas furnaces are the most common heating equipment in Arkansas homes. Fuel is burned and transferred to your air ducts and circulated through the home. Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems you can use. Because they’re electric, many homeowners prefer them as an alternative to gas heating.

High-Efficiency Heating System Benefits

  • Reduce your monthly heating costs
  • New systems require fewer repairs
  • Better heat efficiency means more comfort
  • Less operational noise
  • Can pair with your AC and smart thermostat
  • Tax credits

Ductless Mini Split System Installation

You’ve probably noticed the growing popularity in ductless or mini split heating and cooling systems. These units can both heat and cool specific areas throughout a home. Many homeowners will install several throughout the home in strategic areas to have more zoning control and save on energy costs. They mount to the side of your indoor wall and feed outside to a condenser or heat pump so there’s no need to add or use a duct system.

Ductless Mini Split System Advantages

  • More energy efficient than full house systems
  • Minimally invasive installation
  • More control can lead to greater energy savings
  • Targeted comfort when you want it
  • Lower initial cost depending on how many units you buy
  • Tax credits

Ductwork & Ductwork Zoning Systems

An HVAC zoning system (also referred to as “zoned HVAC”) is a heating and cooling system that uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to specific areas of the home. This allows for the creation of customized temperature zones throughout the home for increased comfort and efficiency.

If you just need standard ductwork installation or additions we can help you with that too.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can improve your home’s indoor air quality by regulating the moisture levels in the air. A humidifier can add moisture to dry indoor air, which can help alleviate respiratory problems, prevent dry skin, and reduce static electricity. A dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air, which can prevent mold and mildew growth, reduce allergens, and alleviate respiratory problems. By maintaining proper humidity levels, both devices can create a more comfortable living environment and promote better health for you and your family.

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