STAT Heat & Air is so confident in our workmanship that we put a 100% guarantee behind every job.

Workmanship Guarantee

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STAT Heat & Air

About Our Company

Your full-service Central Arkansas HVAC Company
Equipment Installations. System Repairs. Maintenance.



Accountability means showing up on time and taking as much time as needed to complete the job the right way the first time.



We’re ready to answer any and all of your questions directly and respectfully. Your time is just as valuable as our time.


Detail Driven

With HVAC systems the smallest details matter. A poor seal or a loose nut can cost you a lot of time and money. We’re obsessed with checking our work.



You deserve to understand what you’re paying for. We educate while we work. If we’re giving you too much information just let us know.

STAT Technician Repairing an outdoor AC unit

Chase Burns – Founder & Owner

“My background in customer service has helped me differentiate Stat Heat & Air. I know we’re solving problems but at the same time, it’s important for our customers to have a good experience. So it’s doing the job right, and being helpful and transparent.”

Stat Heat & Air’s Unfair Advantage

When you’re looking for a trusted HVAC company you usually have two options – a big franchise with a lot of employees and overhead – and a smaller new company without a lot of experience.

Stat Heat & Air falls between these two options. We’re a small agile company that comes to each job with over a decade of HVAC experience.

Chase Burns, started the company after working for over 15 years in the HVAC industry. He enjoyed the work, but saw an opportunity to better serve HVAC customers, so started Stat Heat & Air.